Word Vomit and Therapy

I feel like crap. I don’t feel like crap every day. However, today, I feel like crap. So why not start my first post with pure honesty. In this moment, I doubt anyone will read this. Ever. And that’s fine, I guess. Those are probably the most common 1st post words in the history of blogging. So I’m going to be posting whatever gets me though the minutes. The moments. Maybe, if anyone does happen to read anything here, it might help you cope, too.

So…about me. Right? Right. Why not. Why not? Let’s not go there just yet.

I’m older than 20. Family? Check. Pets? Check. MDD? CHECK. That’s short for Major Depressive Disorder. MDD with suicidal tendencies to be precise. If you struggle with triggers, back away from this blog slowly. This is gonna be MY bumpy ride, and there’s only room in the driver’s seat for 1. Seriously. IF you might be triggered, I don’t suggest reading my blog and, in fact, I emphatically discourage it. I can’t and won’t be held responsible with how you do or don’t handle your own issues. I’m barely handling my own. Continuing to read on is acceptance and consent on your part to exposure to the madness inside my head even if you reach out about your thoughts and feelings…or don’t. Ok? Got it? We understand one another? Good.

Hate puns? Wrong blog. Move along. Hate animals? Don’t let the “x” hit you on your way out. Hate faith? Kids? Pets? Alcohol humor? Morality? Deep thoughts? Struggling? Tears? Quotes? PUNS? Get the hell out. I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be. What works for me one day might not the next. I might contradict myself. I might not. I’m just me. Get over it. Accept me or leave. If you are struggling with a disorder, a disease, an illness of any kind, well, look at you being a bad ass and keeping on keeping on. And on THAT NOTE…

Hi. I’m the Anxiety Bitch. Nice to meet you.