Deadly Possessions

“Light from the hallway creep into my room.
Along with the shadowman too, I assume.
Never before had I seen such a form that could change the flame that licks in a storm.
Light as a monkey creep in on his knees and he perched on the edge of the bed if you please.
A new thresh were to begin.
I wait here in the darkness till you fall asleep, and I come to your dreams with a promise to keep.
In the night time till morning I will torment your soul.
I began to tremble.
I covered my head.
Deep in my cloth peeled out with delight. I’d just about fell asleep when it started
It began when I felt
Something under my bed come out.
As the stench of the shadowman breath filled the air and the silence was broken one inchoice from my ear as the shadowman whispered “My boy, I’m right here.”
– Kevin Mannis
Original owner of The Dybbuk Box, Poet, and Writer

The author recited this on the show “Deadly Possessions” as if possessed, but video of him reciting his poem in front of an audience has since surfaced.

Either way, this Bitch approves.


#zakbagans #deadlypossessions
#kevinmannis #ghostadventures


2 thoughts on “Deadly Possessions

  1. Nicole St-Cyr says:

    i just saw this episode, such a Poe-ish- telling. so cool. i cant stand Zak, all tall, dark and hero hair. i wish aaron had his own show lol. Nick left and started another show of his own, i like it alot more, no bullshit. Iam not surprised he left, whether its one of the reasons or not, you can see the annoyance on Nick’s face whenever Zak tried to have all the attention on the show, especially in interviews lol. i enjoy your blog, btw. ❤ good shit bazil.


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